Who Had Their English Literature GCSE UNIT1/P1

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English Literature Unit 1 (h)

English Literature Unit 1 (f)

how did it go?

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Posted: 09-01-13 17:28 by Jennifer

Do u do AQA English lit? Umm, it was ok however, I'm really gutted because I didn't finish part b of the second question on To kill a mockingbird! 

Hoping for the best....

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Posted: 10-01-13 21:04 by Ktln

yes thats what i had! i also didnt finish part b in Of mice and men

Posted: 12-01-13 21:52 by Jennifer

So are you going to do poetry now? Controlled assessment? I am now anyway. Which is gonna be much easier!

Posted: 13-01-13 20:58 by Ktln