who did their music exam today? i found it okay just wondered how other people go on :)

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which extended question did you pick do you think the grade boundaries will be high?

Posted Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 12:49 by Lizzy

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i put balafon ostinato at the bottem, balofhone break at the beggining then koko yiri then koko call and balaphon response and koko response in the last bit ?

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 15:03 by Lizzy
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Nah it's definately between 70-80% :)

I cannot remember exactly. I put something about the balafon break, then yiri, then vocal solo, then vocal response and then underneath I wrote Balafon ostinati.

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 14:44 by Angharad
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i thought the yiri was really hard to answer but the guys voice on it was funny lke he was speaking underwater :L i started grace but then chose the chopin one it was quite easy really and yes some of the section a was hard i mean like the moby chord sequences we hadnt been taught that so that was a bit annoying but this paper hasn't been done before so i think the grade boundaries wont be to high it will be achievable :)

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 15:01 by Lizzy
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The Moby chord sequence is Am Am Em Em G G D D :) But if you hadn't been taught it then there wasn't really anyway of knowing without having perfect pitch. I chose the Chopin too but don't think that I did very well :/ If I get close to full marks in the rest of the paper but only about 4 in the 10 mark question, what would that make my overall mark? 

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 15:58 by Beth
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i thought this paper was ok actually, one of my friends was very nervous though, i did the buckley question at the end because in the revision book it just seemed easier to learn and then write down. Also in the yiri part did anyone else really want to laugh when the guy goes, "YIRI.......YIRIYIRIYIRI..........YIRI" i just think its hilarious!

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 18:03 by Jack Elliott
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chose the buckley, but lots seemed to have chosen chopin..wat did u choose? some of the section A questions were tricky as well:S

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 13:11 by Arjun
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I chose the Chopin question. We've done all the specimen papers at least three times in our class (don't ask me why) and you have to have written at least two points for each thing they specified (Structure etc...) But in the past, 70-80% has been an A*. I don't think they've said what the boundaries are for this year though..

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 14:29 by Angharad
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i thought 90% was a* boundary in previous years..

also what did u guys put for the 6 marker quesiton on yiri koko and the order of the instruments?

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 14:33 by al
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it wasn't as bad as i thought, i chose the buckley question and regretted it as i ended up trying to remember everything and dried up with what to say half way through. I remembered a few things at the end and had to write it in then so it didnt flow too well. If you get pretty much 80-100% in the composing and performing you have to get at least 50-60% in the written....

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 15:03 by Liv Vince
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awesome i put the same as you guys for the yiri koko box

what did you guys put for the moby chords?

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 15:20 by al
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thats what i did liv vince and i just guessed on the chored sequence i put dmajor/minor or something in the last one because it was the same as the last chored but for the first two i didnt know what about you?

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 15:21 by Lizzy
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This paper was very hard, but surprisingly is only 40% of overall grade

The grade boundaries only change once the examiners have marked the papers.

If the majority of people in UK found the paper hard and get lower than usual marks, the grade

boundaries are lowered, and vice versa

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 16:04 by Ben Wharnsby
Edited by Ben Wharnsby on Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 16:06
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I didn't think to paper was too bad, it was better than I thought it would be :)

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 17:39 by Natasha
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I did the Chopin piece for section B,

Moby chord sequence was good, as well as the koko:yiri boxes which did look confusing at first :s

What about for the rest of the questions mainly, how did you guys find it ?

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 19:46 by Frenchie