Who did the Coursework Question where you had to make a home furnishing inspired by another culture and what did you make?

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I made one of those things which hangs on the back of a door with pockets in. i dont what they are called. but i made it inspired by Britain. the amount of hand embroidery i did is unbeleivable but i got almost full marks for it. : ). any one doing AS textliles next year? theres only like 5 people in my class next year. GCSE put most of them off i think. but i love textiles. what can you do as a career that involves textiles as im not really sure?

Posted: 07-06-12 13:11 by Charlotte

I'm making a bean bag cover that can be turned into a wall hanging. I'm supposed to finish it this wednesday and I am regretting picking something so compliacted. I HATE textiles but I LOVE my teacher. I know weird. The 6 other people in my class r pickint it at A-level, I'm doing all maths and scencies. I really regret picking textiles GCSE. Do you have any tips on hw I can do well in my coursewek + exam please share. Thanks.

Posted: 24-02-13 22:09 by Rahmat Junaid