Which Topic First?

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I'm planning on writing down information for the four A-Level's I'm taking to help others with their's, as I know I'm currently having hell keeping up with mine. I have 6 essays on teh go at the moment :L

But I don't know which subject I should start with, so which would be the most useful?:

1. Ethics- Body and mind



2. History-

Russia 1881-1924

Britain 1930-85


Jane Eyre

Dystopia's; The children of men and Handmaids tale

Actually, 4 is IT, and I'm sure that's useless, but I could write a few things on that such as transactional website stuff, along with topic lists....

Posted: 15-10-12 18:18 by AlyssaSaurus

some IT stuff would be great.

Posted: 15-10-12 18:25 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR