Which is better, the Vetsim course of the Vet-Medlink course??

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I want to do one of these courses but I don't know which one to go for - the Vet-Medlink one is in December 19th-22nd and the Vetsim is in July. Vetsim is just £20 cheaper, any help would be appreciated!!!

Posted Tue 2nd October, 2012 @ 17:17 by Joanne

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I have not been to either but I am applying for veterinary medicine this year. Im not saying you shouldn't go but you are better off getting a much work experience at various practices, farms, stables ect. Obviously I don't know how much experience you have done so far! It won't put you at an advantage if you do go as some can't afford it.

If you have any other questions about vet med just ask!

Answered Tue 2nd October, 2012 @ 18:04 by Sophie
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Joanne wrote:

I want to do one of these courses but I don't know which one to go for - the Vet-Medlink one is in December 19th-22nd and the Vetsim is in July. Vetsim is just £20 cheaper, any help would be appreciated!!!

These courses are just designed to make money from panicking applicants, they have no value other than this. A lot of universities completely ignore them if you mention it in your statement because they know that a lot of applicants simply can't afford to go so they will not make a decision on your application on the basis of whether you were able to attend one. As has been said you're much better focusing your attention on getting work experience and saving your money so that you can travel further afield to do it as you can afford the transport costs - this will benefit your application so much more. You can get all of the insider info by going to open days and speaking to others on sites like The Student Room then the other important aspect of your application is work experience. I really wouldn't bother wasting your money on vetsim or vet-medlink.

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 10:21 by Emma (admin)
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Thats a good start with work experience. Liverpool want 10 weeks which is the most any of the unis want so it is best to aim for that. Just get as much variety as you can, like lambing, milking and an abattior looks good as well even though it is the most pleasent place.

Hope this doesn't sound like I am lecturing you to much - I just want to help!!

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 17:55 by Sophie
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I am applying to Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol and Nottingham. I am doing Chemistry, Biology and Maths and i did german AS. Work experience includes: 3 SA vets, 3 equine vets, 1 kennels, 1 1/2 weeks lambing, 2 dairy farms, 2 days abattoir, 1 week stables and 9 mnths stables on saturdays, alpaca farm and i have a week at a zoo in feb. Think thats it! Dont let this put you off - sometimes it is hard to find work experience near you but you can always stay with relatives which is what i did.

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 19:13 by Sophie
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Well I've done some work experience at a cat rescue, cattery/kennels, stables, a week at a veterinary surgery and only a couple of days at a farm. I need more though! :/

Answered Tue 2nd October, 2012 @ 18:49 by Joanne
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Thanks for all your help! By the way, are you both at uni then or what?

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 18:40 by Joanne
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No not yet!! i am in yr 13 so sending off my application soon. Writing my personal statement has been so stressful but it will be worth it if i get in.

Any other questions just ask! 

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 18:45 by Sophie
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Which uni do you want to go to? And how much work experience have you done? And also, what subjects have you done at A level? :)

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 18:54 by Joanne
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That's a lot! Where do you live? I live where's there is nothing! Which zoo are you going to and did you go to an organic abattoir? I'll never get that much!

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 19:18 by Joanne
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I live in warwickshire - it was harder to get dairy placements so i stayed with the farmer for one placement which was such a great experience! I am going to Twycross Zoo but i had to book it way in advance as it fills very quickly.  I would recomend getting 'core' work experience first though. Zoos are just like the cherry on the top! The abattoir i went to was relatively small - i dont know what an 'organic' abattoir is though. where abouts do you live? unis do recognise it if you struggle to get experience if you live in a city but looking further afield shows real commitment.

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 19:24 by Sophie
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No I live in a tiny town that doesn't have anything close really. I need to get more work experience but the problem is, is that I can only do it in the holidays/breaks at college and there aren't many :/ Plus, I only have till September really because then you have to submit your application to uni so there's no more chance to add any more work experience once you've submitted it is there?

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 19:34 by Joanne
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Some unis ask you to fill in work experience forms so you can put in problems you had with finding work experience or future placements. Just try and do as much as you can and organise it early because otherwise all the placements will go. You should have plenty of holidays especially in the summer. if you can get a weekend job it looks good as it shows commitment. have you got friends or relatives in other places who you could stay with?

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 19:44 by Sophie
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No, that's the problem :/ and how do I get a weekend job at a vets? 

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 19:46 by Joanne
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I wouldn't know. I help out on a saturday at a stables (I don't get paid though) so you could try that or maybe on a farm as it would be more hands on than a vets. I just rang, explained the situation and they said yes.

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 19:51 by Sophie
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Do you ride a horse or own one? I did a week at a stables but since I don't ride a horse because it's too expensive, all I could do was skip out and stuff :/

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 19:55 by Joanne
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No i don't have a horse and i don't ride, but i help muck out, tack up, groom etc. I had little experience with horses beforehand so just being round them helps me handle them more confidently. i found once i had been there for a while they could trust me more and i could help with more interesting jobs.

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 20:12 by Sophie
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Oh okay good! I just felt that everyone I have talked to so far who wants to be a vet, can ride a horse or has one! I don't think there's any stables by me that I can offer to help out at... Thanks for all your help!! Hope I can get as much work experience as you! You'll definitely get into uni on the work experience :)

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 21:31 by Joanne
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Thanks. Hope you manage to find more work experience - just don't give up and good luck when you come to apply

Answered Thu 4th October, 2012 @ 18:38 by Sophie
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:) Let me know if you get in! Sounds like you will :D

Answered Thu 4th October, 2012 @ 19:20 by Joanne
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I went to VetMedLink and am going to Vetsim. I agree that it is a form of extortion and that I am panicking, but, at the end of the day, going to VML boosted my confidence in myself, helped me forge contacts with other potential students, gave me an experience of university life, helped me understand what I needed to get done, and has actually spurred me on into working harder. I have six weeks of work experience, so it's not like I'm replacing w/e with these courses - they just help.

Answered Thu 13th March, 2014 @ 16:34 by combeferre