Which A level? :(

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Heya :) i would be really greatful for anyones opinion! okay so heres my situation i just recevied my gcse results and i was planning to do spanish as one of my a level subjects , i recieved an A in spanish but teachers are saying that i should do psychology instead? :( ive never been interesed by psychology but i know spanish will be extremly hard but i really enjoy it! so what should i do? :s

Posted Thu 22nd August, 2013 @ 21:02 by Layan<3

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What my teachers have always told me to do is to pick subjects that you love to do which will then make it easier when you have a load of work to do because you'll be passionate about what you're doing. Don't base your choices on grades, nor base it on what other people say. Base it purely on what YOU and enjoy and what YOU would find most interesting. In other words, follow your heart. Always.

Best of luck making the decision!

Answered Fri 23rd August, 2013 @ 09:26 by cg97
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wow thank you so much Cait! wise words! :)

Answered Fri 23rd August, 2013 @ 09:46 by Layan<3
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No problem! :)

Answered Fri 23rd August, 2013 @ 09:55 by cg97
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From a student's point of view who has done Psychology AS, I think that this subject is an easy subject to gain high marks in, providing that you read the information up thoroughly and then are able to apply your knowledge to other situations (which is not too hard, but does require some thinking). I have enjoyed Psychology a lot, so I am carrrying it on to A2 :) 

On the other hand, doing Spanish can be equally as enjoyable as something like Psychology. I am glad that you know that it will be hard, but a word of warning: I took German AS, and I'm not going to lie but it was dreadful, but that's because first of all I didn't like the fact that I picked German (but it was my only option) and also I didn't think that German A level is such a big step up from GCSE. Spanish may be the same way as German in terms of how hard it is, but if you enjoy it, then hey, take it on! 

Hope this was somewhat helpful! Best of luck for A level! :) x

Answered Sat 24th August, 2013 @ 11:59 by Aishwarya
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I would take spanish. The psychology course I am doing is so hard to do well in and all the people I know who did language found it fine

Answered Wed 13th November, 2013 @ 13:03 by Hannah
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haha I was just about to reply saying to do Spanish if you want to do that and don't seem to have an interest in Psychology!

haha what did you decide in the end??

The reason I would've said to do spanish is 1) it's a lot harder if you don't have as much interest in it. I lost interest at one point in RS since I didn't enjoy the current topic and it got quite annoying doing the work! Plus I find psych. has a lot of info to learn which I find hard to do but I want to study it at uni as I like the subject matter, otherwise I wouldn't like psych! Plus I regret doing RS over Spanish! A language is always good to have :D

Answered Sat 30th August, 2014 @ 13:51 by Lucy :)