Where will I land with biology, chemistry, psychology and probably physics after Alevels?

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I am planning to take the above , but what possible careers will open up for me if I do.? Professional advice plz!

Posted Thu 24th May, 2012 @ 06:41 by Cupcakealia

2 Answers

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If you don't know what you want to do when you're older then I suggest this, go onto this website http://www.bestcourse4me.com/explore/?Tab=ALevel and you type in your a-levels and it shows you which degrees most people go into after studying your a-levels. Then you can choose one of those degrees and see what career most people choose to go into.

As a kind person I have already done the research for you and after studying biology, chemistry and physics most people take degrees in:

  • Biology
  • Pre-clinical medicine
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacology, Toxicology & Pharmacy
  • Psychology
  • Physics

If you choose to do a degree in biology (the most popular choice) most people take a career in:

  • Teaching
  • Functional managing
  • Science professional
  • Science and engineering technician
  • Sales assistants/professionals
  • Health assosciate professionals
  • Quality and customer care managers
  • Protective service occupations
  • Secretarial occupations
  • Administrative occupations
  • Elementary personal services occupations

Remember this is what MOST people go into after studing BIOLOGY but have a look at the other degrees.

Hope this helps :)

Answered Thu 24th May, 2012 @ 10:04 by Georgia
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Thanks that gives me some direction, it pretty rough because right now I'm shipwrecked on an island...no clue as to what to do..

Answered Thu 24th May, 2012 @ 10:26 by Cupcakealia