where do you work?

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Kinda but then u get sum random customer whose a joker and then it just brightens your day. Also if you have funny staff like there is a pharmacist and a dispenser who works with me every Saturday and they both act seriously gay with each other even if they're not (P.S i have nothin against gays !! lol) and when where working they do the craziest of things soooo yh i like my job + i get quite a bit of money =D


Posted: 18-04-12 21:23 by Braniac

your profile pic's giving me that look O_o

Posted: 18-04-12 21:24 by Rayanne :)

sounds interestin (da bit bout da gays) lol

 Rayanne :)  ft isn't he lol ;)

Posted: 18-04-12 21:26 by Sabah x

lol its sayin wot ur gonna get =D (hey profile pic stop givin the looks shes minnnnnneeeee !!!! lolol )   hahahaha


Posted: 18-04-12 21:26 by Braniac


Posted: 18-04-12 21:26 by Rayanne :)

beelal hw much do u gt payd?!??

Posted: 18-04-12 21:27 by Sabah x

will u bth leave ma baby alone!!! thnx *** ;)

Posted: 18-04-12 21:28 by Sabah x

hahahaha lol XD. I get paid atleast 7-8 pounds an hour without xtra time! lol

Posted: 18-04-12 21:29 by Braniac

hahahhha :P

Posted: 18-04-12 21:29 by Rayanne :)

soo lyk hw much do u gt 4 da daii???

Posted: 18-04-12 21:30 by Sabah x


Posted: 18-04-12 21:31 by Rayanne :)

well about 80 pounds coz i help out after 5:30 so they pay me a bit extra lol .. wooop woop i think my wallet is gettin tooo heavy

XD.....ssssshhhhhhh don't tell any1, dunno whether a girl will like me for my money or looks ^_^



Posted: 18-04-12 21:33 by Braniac



Posted: 18-04-12 21:33 by Rayanne :)

hahahaahah **

Rayanne :) wrote:



Posted: 18-04-12 21:35 by Braniac

lol i go 4 da mney (dn't tell da guyz)

well ull fnd out

wt if u go out wiv a girl nd wen shes gne u realise dt shes tken ur wallet wt wud u do???

Posted: 18-04-12 21:36 by Sabah x

its all about the money.

and dragons.

dragons are cool too.

Posted: 18-04-12 21:36 by Rayanne :)

"beelal is walking down the dark road when a huge dragon flies above him. OH MY GOSH..... ITS A DRAGON!!!!. HE finds rayannne riding the back of the dragon. Die evil dragon........ But dragon burns beelal alive"

Wow short story....touched my heart :')

Posted: 18-04-12 21:38 by Braniac

yey beelal iz dead and gone lol

Posted: 18-04-12 21:40 by Sabah x

theres a dragon in my photo!

shes MY dragon and i love her muchly.

Posted: 18-04-12 21:40 by Rayanne :)

I work in Hollister in Bristol :D

Posted: 18-04-12 21:45 by nabeelah

:O they only let gorgeous people work in hollister.

im jealous

Posted: 18-04-12 21:46 by Rayanne :)

I only got picked last week so I'm starting soon and I'm nervous :(

Posted: 18-04-12 21:47 by nabeelah

how much u get paid????


Posted: 18-04-12 21:47 by Braniac

Minimum wage

Posted: 18-04-12 21:50 by nabeelah

awh man :(

i wanna work in hollister :P

Posted: 18-04-12 21:50 by Rayanne :)