Where can I get Spanish skills?

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I'm learning Spanish.  For me it is still very difficult to adjust to the intonation of the Spanish conversation. Tell me how you learned foreign languages?  Have you gone to a language learning country where you speak the language you have studied?

Posted: 19-12-19 17:45 by arnikka

The best thing is to go to Spain.  So you can get a language practice

Posted: 20-12-19 14:30 by irmana

You can practice the language with someone who is also learning Spanish or with someone who has come from Spain to England.

Posted: 21-12-19 10:55 by molliny

You can take advantage of modern IPTV.  It's handy with the latest mag box .  So you can watch TV channels, movies, listen to music from different countries.  Listening to news is a very high-quality factor when learning a language.  This is real speech and tone of language.

Posted: 21-12-19 19:16 by sereb