Where are all the agents?

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LOOOL awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww softieee XD

Posted: 03-10-12 21:24 by в


nahh wunt call me a softie XDD

i can get really mad , nd wen i hav a fght peepz end up in hospital

i soooooooooooo do not call dat bein a softieee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 03-10-12 21:26 by Akeel 786


softiee at heart deen!

gtg talk tuu yaa later x

Posted: 03-10-12 21:28 by в

lol =P

yeah see ya

Posted: 03-10-12 21:29 by Akeel 786


Posted: 04-10-12 17:10 by в


Posted: 04-10-12 17:12 by Akeel 786

hw r yueeee?

Posted: 04-10-12 17:15 by в

am gud wbu???

Posted: 04-10-12 17:15 by Akeel 786

Rubbbiiissshhh atm :/  

Posted: 04-10-12 17:21 by в

y wassup???

((soz am l8 replyin sum effin nob jus scrached ma quad!!!!!)

Posted: 04-10-12 17:26 by Akeel 786

ohhhhhhhh lool

loll dwwwwww ;/ stressed owt

Posted: 04-10-12 17:28 by в

wat bout????

Posted: 04-10-12 17:29 by Akeel 786

lyf -___-

and general science exaaams

Posted: 04-10-12 17:33 by в


well lyf suks yeah nd examz we all wanna gt rid of em

Posted: 04-10-12 17:37 by Akeel 786

Yupp I betta get revising talk tuu yuee laterrr x

Posted: 04-10-12 17:39 by в

kayyy seeya

Posted: 04-10-12 17:39 by Akeel 786

reading cherub should be required reading for all agents :L

Posted: 04-10-12 21:19 by Neon


Posted: 04-10-12 21:20 by Akeel 786

it's a book about kids who are secret agents, lol  :L

Posted: 04-10-12 21:26 by Neon

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rght =P

Posted: 04-10-12 21:27 by Akeel 786

ahh i actually need to start reading books voluntarily XD  last book i read was in Year 3. The Rest ive been force to read in english lessons ect XD 

Posted: 04-10-12 23:19 by priya777

oh, you really should, speaking as a bookish person, having a book is like being able to carry around a more exciting life, and become part of it whenever you want.... actually cherub would be a good place to start if you're looking for something to start up with, the books are quite short, but there's a lot of action, and the series is very long, so if you find you like it, it lasts a while :) equally, if you don't, you'll know that's not the genre for you, in which case there's OH MY GOD BILLIONS OF OTHER BOOKS TO READ.... sorry, I'll try to calm down XD I just have a passion for reading I guess :L I never understood how people can not like reading, when there's so many different options... surely there's something for everyone? 

Posted: 05-10-12 00:13 by Neon


 wise words. i should read more too it's just these days i don't seem to have the time.

Posted: 05-10-12 05:59 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I have time, but I avoid it, because then the time I need to spend on work also gets spent on reading :P I CAN'T STOP XD

Posted: 06-10-12 22:00 by Neon

I do read before I go to bed

Posted: 06-10-12 22:07 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR