Where are all the agents?

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noppee not allwed :/

Posted: 03-10-12 20:38 by в


well ill tell her u sed hi

Posted: 03-10-12 20:40 by Akeel 786

kkk and dat i miss her! lool

Posted: 03-10-12 20:40 by в

kay im textin her nw


Posted: 03-10-12 20:42 by Akeel 786

Awwww :*

Posted: 03-10-12 20:43 by в

I was her numba one customers :P

Posted: 03-10-12 20:43 by в

lol yeah i read ur profile lol =P

Posted: 03-10-12 20:44 by Akeel 786

LOOL aww gwd old daays.

So how long u guys been together?

Posted: 03-10-12 20:46 by в


2 years

Posted: 03-10-12 20:47 by Akeel 786


Gosh datss long hopeeeeee it lasts forevaaa <3

Posted: 03-10-12 20:48 by в

yeah me 2

jus cant live wivout her ;P

Posted: 03-10-12 20:49 by Akeel 786

Awww yuee soppppyy boi! Lool naah daats just sweet!

Posted: 03-10-12 20:50 by в

lol =P

Posted: 03-10-12 20:51 by Akeel 786

wishh i was lyke yuee twwo :'(

Posted: 03-10-12 20:53 by в

whadya mean?

u gt any 1?

Posted: 03-10-12 20:54 by Akeel 786

Nopppppee ;'(

Ugly gwd hearted ppl lyke me dnt get no oneeee

Posted: 03-10-12 20:56 by в

no im sure ur nt ugly

nd itz always da gud hearted people dat get bf/gfz

u seem really sweet nd kind

hv u lyk been wiv any1?

Posted: 03-10-12 20:58 by Akeel 786

aww thans :$

ermm ive been lyke reallyy close tuu it buhh niether of us i guess had the guts tuu say we lyke one another so :(

andd ived had a few ppl lyke me buhh i didnt really lyke em or get on wid dem- well i was lyke close frwnds buhh the awkawardness began

Posted: 03-10-12 21:03 by в


well dnt wrry im sure sme1 will hav da guts 2 tell u dat dey lyk u, nd ull fnd ur perfect mtch smedaii

Posted: 03-10-12 21:08 by Akeel 786

LOOL hopee soo

loolll ommmmg were u onlnie wen we used tu virtual bedd ppl > with Beelal and Waqaar?

Posted: 03-10-12 21:10 by в

lol ermm yeah i tink

Posted: 03-10-12 21:11 by Akeel 786

lool -___-

Posted: 03-10-12 21:13 by в

lol =P

Posted: 03-10-12 21:13 by Akeel 786

hmmm ............

wat sorta person r yuee

all the guyss ive been close tuu were welll dirtyy freaks jkkkk dey were funny buhh yh..

Posted: 03-10-12 21:19 by в

lol =P

nahhh im nt da dirty type ((unless ofcourse im tlkin 2 sabah)) ;P

im da sorta guy hu hates it when ova guyz cheat on deyre gals ((itz sooooo annoyin i gt reallly pi**** of))

i lyk fightin bt only when peeps mke me mad

dnt mnd effin bout now and den

Posted: 03-10-12 21:22 by Akeel 786