When plotting a graph for enzyme reaction rate against temperature, do you need to join outliers as part of the line of best fit???

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Im having difficulties with drawing the graph for my coursework. Please help me out ASAP!!!

Posted Wed 28th March, 2012 @ 13:44 by Darine

5 Answers

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its always best to do dot to dot in a level biolgy

Answered Wed 28th March, 2012 @ 14:06 by Sbegum
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thanks, but im talking about gcse biology... would it be the same?

Answered Wed 28th March, 2012 @ 14:07 by Darine
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Well if you are drawing a line of best fit you wouldn't, as it would just be a line that best represents the points, you wouldn't be joining them up. 

However if you are just drawing a line graph then yes you would have to join all the dots :)

Answered Wed 28th March, 2012 @ 14:31 by Zara
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Thanks Zara!!  =)

Answered Wed 28th March, 2012 @ 14:42 by Darine
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yeah it would

Answered Thu 29th March, 2012 @ 08:10 by Sbegum