when is the best time to do work experience?

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can some please answer this question. its urgent thanks **

Posted: 04-07-12 18:26 by simran

Summer holz probably, shows them ppl that u are dedicated enough to like actually take some time out of ur free time to do work ex 

Posted: 04-07-12 18:48 by Rashid

simran anytime!! the earlier u do it the better !!!

Posted: 04-07-12 22:36 by Braniac

Which year are you in? Work experience usually starts in year 10, well in my school, that was when we had work experience. But of course you can do it outside of your own school whenever it's half term or summer holidays as that is when you will have the most time! 

Posted: 05-07-12 15:30 by furuba fan

I think in the hols.

I'm currently looking around for a placement, but it's best at a time when not a lot of other students will be nosing around for a work placement, especially if your skl has stopped arranging placements for you, like mine has.

Posted: 02-08-12 18:42 by anum