When is the AS Sociology exam in may?

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I heard its in may but not sure the date?

Posted: 09-03-12 13:04 by Emily

You can normally find it in the AQA website.... or just google it and it will give you the link straight away ^_^

Hope this helped :)

Posted: 09-03-12 13:08 by Fyzah :p


Posted: 09-03-12 13:11 by Emily

You're welcome ^_^

Posted: 09-03-12 13:11 by Fyzah :p

For AQA:

Unit 1 is on the 17th of May (am)

Unit 2 is on the 25th of May (pm)

I hope this helps :-)

Posted: 11-03-12 18:16 by Pheebie

FRIDAY THE 25th :D (woo -__-)

Posted: 14-03-12 14:33 by misshapenskies