What's your favourite sitcom?

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oh yeah ive got the boxset , how could i forget !!

Posted: 29-12-12 10:32 by Connah Greenhalgh - Team GR

True, Friends I think beats all of the rest and yeah I should start watching Miranda. Ugh exams taking over my life :(

Posted: 29-12-12 15:11 by Amba

i agree friends is hard to beat!!!!!!:D

Posted: 30-12-12 17:56 by Bushra


Posted: 30-12-12 17:57 by Bushra

I've never watched Merlin. But I agree with Friends. It's the best sitcom ever made! 

Posted: 31-12-12 09:42 by Former Member

I love Merlin too! I can't belive they ended it!

Also Doctor Who- not really a sitcom, but brilliant all the same.

Posted: 01-01-13 13:55 by KatieL

I love Miranda!

I agree, the boxing day special was amazing!

Episode 2 is on today at 9pm people... it's going to be 'such fun'!

Posted: 01-01-13 14:10 by Cheryl_101

I also use to watch re-runs of the really old TV programme Some Mothers do have 'em. It is really funny. I used to watch the re-runs as a child. 

Posted: 01-01-13 14:11 by Former Member

I cried when Merlin ended - the end was awful!

I think some of the old ones like Fawlty Towers and Blackadder are really funny too.

Posted: 01-01-13 15:39 by Sunset

Blimy I had no idea that there was anyone else who loved Merlin I thought I was alone. OMG I basically cried whenever Merlin cried in the last ever episode. The ending kinda bugged me though

Posted: 02-01-13 07:50 by Amba

I know I mean they never even got to have the 'Golden Years.' When Colin Morgan cries it breaks my heart. I hope we'll see the actors in something else soon.

Posted: 02-01-13 09:25 by Sunset

Yeah me too I really hope tht they a do movie OMG they could be reincarnated. That would be funny. I love Merlin and Arthur bromance

Posted: 02-01-13 16:27 by Amba

I hope so too but I don't think they are going to because the actors don't want to be in one. Omg can you imagine Merlin being reincarnated it would be so funny! Www.hypable.co.uk has some really good ideas for spin offs and some funny videos.

Posted: 02-01-13 16:31 by Sunset

Yeah and the bromance between Arthur and Merlin
Bradley and Colin just make the show!

Posted: 02-01-13 16:32 by Sunset

Its one of the few times a program has made me sad when Arthur died. But the end was really clever with Merlin in the modern world which made it seem like the story hasn't ended yet. It was so good!

Posted: 02-01-13 17:29 by KatieL

Awww that's a shame, no movie :( Everytime I watch re runs I'm like I can't believe I spent 5 years of my life on this show - EPIC (lol). Yeah Merlin reincarnated would be funny - they hve fanvideos on youtube of merlin reincarnation and they're quite good. There's one of merlin, arthur, morgana and gwen through time u should check it out :)

Posted: 02-01-13 17:39 by Amba

Yeah I will look at them they sound funny :)

Posted: 02-01-13 18:22 by Sunset

Tilly wrote:

I also use to watch re-runs of the really old TV programme Some Mothers do have 'em. It is really funny. I used to watch the re-runs as a child. 

 confession: i did that too, i remember looking forward to watching it on saturday evening. XD

Posted: 02-01-13 18:26 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was going to buy it on DVD but I never saved up enough moving. I'm still saving lol.

Talk to you later! : )

Posted: 02-01-13 19:21 by Tilly - Team GR

well, i didn't want it that badly, but i know what you mean. see you later :)

Posted: 02-01-13 19:27 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR