Whats the best way to revise for physics? Ive done all the recommended...flash cards etc its not working!?

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need help

Posted Fri 23rd March, 2012 @ 16:53 by Ashleigh Harris

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Which physis exam are you taking? Year 10 = a and b? Year 11 = Double/Triple. I have completed the year 10 exams and the year 11 double award which I recieved A's. So if you need help just ask.

Have you seen your subject teacher?

Have you written a checklist that will highlight which topics you struggle from?

Have you tried past papers?

It seems to me as if you are stressing you probably know what you are talking but my advice is exam questions and lots of them. If you are not understanding still- go and see your subject teacher!

Answered Fri 23rd March, 2012 @ 18:05 by Bethany Cunningham