What would be better for a career in the pilot industry?

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Hello, i am currently choosing my A/S levels i was wondering what people would recommend doing if my career choice was a pilot in the airlinen industry. After doing research i have found that nothing is wanted but things like science and maths are preferred, I have already chosen maths, chemistry and physics and the last option is either french or geography both i am good at. One thing i did think was how much harder french would be along with my other subjects compared to geography. By no means am i saying geography at A level is easy but i think i will manage it more than french. I know studying a language further is a good idea but i have already finished my french GCSE and have finished studying for spanish NVQ in which i achieved Level 2 so is it worth me continuing or not? Basically the question is either french or geograhy, which do i choose?? Many thanks!

Posted Thu 31st May, 2012 @ 10:42 by Joshua Drabble

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Personally I would recommend whatever you enjoy most but If you want to be a pilot then french would probably most beneficial. After all you will be traveling to a lot of different countries and being well spoken in a language and french is reasonably widely spoken.  But A levels are hard so you need to be sure you can sit in a class and enjoy it or you will struggle to get a high grade

Answered Fri 1st June, 2012 @ 08:32 by Katie
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Physics, Maths and English are preffered. However, no particular AS/A lever is needed.

Answered Fri 1st June, 2012 @ 13:38 by Hannah565