What was the most kindest thing you did to someone?

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yeah itz nyc 2 hv an elder bruva

ma bruvas tink i shudnt be watchin football cos im a gurl (wtf)

da younger 2 pck on me cos i lyk footballl :(

Posted: 19-04-12 18:58 by Sabah x

they r right, u watch way 2 much football. it worries me sum times. but honey dnt let them pick on u. grab a knife.

Violence iis the answer!

Posted: 19-04-12 19:02 by Sabahat

innit lol

dis iz y wer mtes lol

oh yeah nd guess huz here (a clue) omfg rihanna

Posted: 19-04-12 19:03 by Sabah x

that ***** whos in luv with a ugly ******! i'm worried bout him 2

Posted: 19-04-12 19:07 by Sabahat

yeah me 2 hez jus st infrnt of da lptp starin at her pics 2 **** me off

erny needs a fukin lyf!!!!!!!

Posted: 19-04-12 19:08 by Sabah x

no wht he needs is an eye transplant. he probably think osama bin ladin is fit n all.

Posted: 19-04-12 19:11 by Sabahat

omfg i laugh he does!!!! =P

Posted: 19-04-12 20:55 by Sabah x