What was the most kindest thing you did to someone?

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Well since I'm so kind, I really can't remember! lol 

Posted: 19-04-12 17:51 by LP-FTW

idk ;)

Posted: 19-04-12 17:52 by Sabah x

joined this website just 4 U

Posted: 19-04-12 18:19 by Sabahat

^ Aww...thank you! and I joined...Well I can't remember why

Posted: 19-04-12 18:21 by LP-FTW

hey sabahat awww rnt u nyc ;)

Posted: 19-04-12 18:22 by Sabah x

yeah i am u dnt need 2 tell me

Posted: 19-04-12 18:25 by Sabahat

wow sme1s gettin angri :)

btw i luv ur pic!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 19-04-12 18:26 by Sabah x

my baby bro chose it. killer kitten. LOL

Posted: 19-04-12 18:27 by Sabahat

Let me guess, you guys are related or friends ^^ ;)

Posted: 19-04-12 18:27 by LP-FTW


ur bby bro iz coool!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 19-04-12 18:29 by Sabah x

if u call breaking my stereo cool den yeah

Posted: 19-04-12 18:31 by Sabahat

haha lol

hz sidrah joined do u knw???

Posted: 19-04-12 18:32 by Sabah x

the tarts gonne be takin more pics of herself or watchin the onlt way is essex

Posted: 19-04-12 18:34 by Sabahat

lol breaking ur stereo shud've used ur mp3/4 instead

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Posted: 19-04-12 18:35 by aliimz

haha lol

leave ma bbe alone (JK)

wuu2??? im soooo bred on da phne wiv mohsin (hess soooooooo cute) ;)

Posted: 19-04-12 18:35 by Sabah x

i'm just chilin n thinkin bout my drama work.

BTW i do hav a mp4 bt a stereo makes my room look complete.

Posted: 19-04-12 18:39 by Sabahat

lol coool :)

btw i read da message u snt me on skwl email 2daii u biyatch!!!!!!!

Posted: 19-04-12 18:40 by Sabah x

r u tryna say i'm nt cute! wht kind of friend r u

Posted: 19-04-12 18:43 by Sabahat

awww but ur bro *** be dat bad

my bro now dats another story trust ***

Posted: 19-04-12 18:44 by aliimz

a nyc 1 lol =P

Posted: 19-04-12 18:45 by Sabah x


alll bros r anoyin ive gt 3 hw do u tink i liv????

Posted: 19-04-12 18:46 by Sabah x

u luv football so ur kk my bro just punches me just 4 fun

Posted: 19-04-12 18:47 by aliimz

u asked hw bad he is. i've jst cum back from stopping a 3 year old beating the **** out of an 8 year old. it was funny though.

Posted: 19-04-12 18:50 by Sabahat

omg he is 3yrs old mines bluddy on da verge of 18 and another one 15 ur lucky 2 hav a 3yrs old they r way better in comparison

Posted: 19-04-12 18:51 by aliimz

yeak i suppose bt i kinda wish i had an older bro. i'm da eldest.

Posted: 19-04-12 18:55 by Sabahat