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If you are given the audience of children or teenagers, how do you use 'delightful vocabulary' as required for an A*?!? Please help!!

Posted: 14-05-11 18:45 by Rebecca

I think you need to use vocabulary as though you were actually talking to them, if you think about how you would talk to you friends, or about articles you actually like reading you might find some inspiration...when you are doing something like that, it is often quite useful to start with a question to hook them in.

However, if it is children you have to be careful not to use words that they don't understand and if it is teenagers you can't be too informal. It depends what task you are given to do though, like if it was a magazine you could try and make it more humorous and if it was a leaflet it needs to be more exciting, especially for younger people. 

Just keep in mind what you would want to read or would interest you and I'm sure you will be fine!

Posted: 15-05-11 11:53 by Ellie Gillis

Thank you, that's really helpful :)

Posted: 15-05-11 17:30 by Rebecca