What to give for Mother's Day?

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Tell me, have you already prepared gifts for your moms? What will you give?

Posted: 14-03-20 22:04 by hipiva

I'm still on the lookout. I think it must be something tender and cute

Posted: 15-03-20 08:04 by sereb

I'm choosing a gift for my mother now, too. She recently finished repairs. I choose home goods. The obligatory gift will be flowers. It's house flowers. My mother loves it when there are a lot of flowers in the house. It's her hobby. For her colors I also chose an excellent clay flower pot https://getpotted.com/planters/clay/ . These flower pots will be the perfect addition to the flowers and will look great in the interior of the apartment

Posted: 16-03-20 19:20 by arnikka