What subjects should i study at A-level if i wanted to study Astrophysics at University?

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I know that i should study maths and physics but i am not sure what else to study to make up for the other two vacant subjects which i need to fill if i am to study at the 6th Form. Thanks

Posted Sun 1st April, 2012 @ 14:27 by Former Member

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Naturally Maths and Physics will always be essential! There's no getting away from that!

Cardiff University; a middle ranking, Russell Group university specifies Maths and Physics but nothing else for its BSc - so these are safe bets!

Honestly the other subjects are up to you! Personally I would recommend another Science subject such as Chemistry or Biology, though I would also say perhaps that Geography or Geology would also make good accomaniments.

Lastly, choose at least one subject that shows range and your real enjoyment! Some universities love languages, or classical arts such as Music or History. Honestly its up to you!

Whichever subject you choose to drop at A2, just make sure its not Physics or Maths - at the end of the day, you can do any other subjects in combination with these, unless perhaps, they're 2 "softer" subjects.

A good place to refer to is the UCAS course search, which helped me in answering this question: http://search.ucas.com/cgi-bin/hsrun/search/search/StateId/Qg5nUwqwgP-zo0GCu3JmoEkPTJzus-3t6Q/HAHTpage/search.HsKeywordSuggestion.whereNext?query=52&word=ASTROPHYSICS&single=Y

Answered Sun 1st April, 2012 @ 17:06 by Joe
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Chemistry and further maths would be the best to help towards Astrophysics.

Answered Sun 1st April, 2012 @ 21:12 by Scott