What should i do?

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I have been giving the choice to drop French as i failed my speaking and writing and in my mocks i got an overall G so what should i do if am in Year 11 should i drop it or keep going?

Posted: 21-12-12 13:33 by Zara Parkin

i would drop it so you could spend more time on other subjects and get a better results in them subjects if you are not going to pass french- or revise extraaa hard:D!!


Posted: 21-12-12 15:24 by elllieeeeeeeee

If you think you can pass and/or enjoy the subject, then you should definitely stick with it! If not, then it might be wise to drop it as it might bring down your gcse grades :/ just realised elllieeeeeeeee pretty much said everything I was about to say, so goodluck with whatever you choose to do :) x

Posted: 21-12-12 17:50 by Hummi C