What questions have or are likely to come up on the Chem AQA AS ISA? and how to answer them?

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Im thinking of doing a resit in Chemistry AS ISA, but alwys fail to make the A grade fue to Section B questions.

Can anybody give me an insight to what the ISA is like this year and what questions may of have come up, especially in Section B (and how to answer the,)... also revision tips much appreciated ;)


Rose **

Posted Tue 29th January, 2013 @ 17:38 by Rose xx

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Heyy Rose **

You wanted help on revision tips? Well, what I do is that I basically go over the theory by making brief notes on a particular topic that requires high marks in the actual exam. I then read over it and basically answer lots and lots of past paper questions, to really test my knowledge. This way, I know what the mark scheme wants me to write in the real exam and I can then get good marks in the real one as Im writing down the mark scheme.

I really hope I made sense and please let me know if this helps. ****x :D


Answered Sun 3rd February, 2013 @ 17:33 by Vipul Aggarwal