What is YOUR favorite subject and why?

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My favorite subject is maths becouse I like problem solving. What about you?

My favourite subject is English because I love creative writing and using my imagination to write realistic things.

But I also love all aspects of science (Bio,Chem&Phys) because I love learning about how the world was first created, how atoms came about and about our bodies in general!!

Posted: 29-01-17 19:52 by Unicorn_x

My faviourite subjects are - well I have two - English and Biology. Especially the Edexcel courses. English because its hepled me understand human behaviour so much better than i knew it. The deapth with which I started percieving a simple paragraph increased drastically. And Bio beacause...I guess the science behind living things fasinates me. 

Posted: 09-08-17 18:24 by Meg0612

Deffo not Computing.........

Posted: 30-04-18 14:21 by G_MCNE01