what is the role of a monastic sangha?

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buddhism: the role of monastic sangha - community of monks.

set up by Buddha.

Posted Sun 22nd May, 2011 @ 21:03 by Lauren Parker

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google it doll x

Answered Mon 23rd May, 2011 @ 18:27 by Anon
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the four fold sangha consists of lai men, lai women, monks (bhikus) and female monks (bhikunis), so the monastic sangha consists of the bhikus and bhikunis. the monastic sangha stay next to the lai people for support ie. food, money and other resources. however, monks have to becareful of indulging into activities such as singing dancing etc done by the lai people as this would later lead them to suffering (remember buddhism is all about oevrcoming suffering), hence buddha established the vinaya rules which are specially for monks and nuns to follow to make life easier for them to reach nibbana and follow the middle way-

hope this helped, hope it makes sense- this knowledge is from my first ever AS religious studies exam in january 2011

Answered Tue 24th May, 2011 @ 09:25 by shahida begum
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so, basically when buddha came into life, he did not have google, lucky for us, we do have google. look it up sweetie

Answered Tue 15th October, 2019 @ 10:41 by GraceVernorMiles