What is the hardest part of the Japanese language for English speakers?

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I have been learning by myself, its fun but sometimes challenging. I am much better at speaking then writing. I heard that wiriting was the hardest but, for me I think that could be easily overcome it as its just memorisation. I have already learned the kana now, I just have to apply it to kanji and so forth. I think the particles are the hardest but even then I could probably learn those as I have learned the basic ones: wa, ga, no, ne, yo, ni, de, he - although knowing when to use wa and ga is finding quite tricky. How many are more to come? Is the particles the worst part? Have any tips? How do you master the verbs there are many forms..is it just merorisation too? I know its a long process to learn a lang, but I would like to do the gcse one day. Has anyone done it, what is it like?


Posted Sun 3rd March, 2013 @ 19:41 by evie4learning