Early Years,Teaching and Learning Key Stage 1 - Need help Please.

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I am thinking of taking the Early Years and Key Stage 1 course for 3 years(FullTime) at Huddersfield university. I was wondering if I could get an insight into what the course requirements are and if it is easy to get a place or not? Would I need a bare minimum of 340 UCAS to gain an entry? How many people are accepted on the course and how many places are available. Will this course allow for me to teach Key Stage 2 as well? What is the couse like? Is it Lectures,Classroom based, Research,etc? Also on the Personal statement for my teaching course, I have done alot of extra out of college activities and was wondering how much I could write about? Is it only to be a few lines outlining the experience I've had or 2 paragraphs or something like that? How much of skills are you looking for? How much experience is needed? Does all the experience need to relate to the specific field of work/degree like in my case teaching.

 I hope this makes sense and I hope you can answer my burning questions. Also can I say a very big ThankYuu for providing this open question and answering opportunity. I'm coming to the open day!Kindest Regards. Ibrahim.

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Hi Ibrahim,


Thanks for your question!


It is a competitive course with a 40-1 application rate so you need to make your application stand out as much as possible by detailing how much experience you have. Include as much information on placements and experience as you can, also including what you've learned from them.


The course is lectures and classroom work but there is quite a lot of placement work in schools too. These are found for you but if you have contacts in a school you could also try and arrange it yourself in that school.


You should include as much information as you can in your personal statement, however remember it is word limited so make it count and feature as much related experience as possible. We are just looking into whether this would allow you to teach Key Stage 2 and will message you again as soon as we can -

We look forward to meeting you at the Open Day - hope this helps :) 

Answered Tue 18th June, 2013 @ 16:51 by University of Huddersfield