What is the best way to start revising for GCSE's?

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My GCSE's are coming up this year in May and I haven't started to revise yet. I think this is due to a lack of routine, however I really want to knuckle down to achieve high grades, so if anyone has any tips at all, I would really appreciate it. Thank you :) 

Posted Mon 18th January, 2016 @ 21:13 by KadijaHussain

2 Answers

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I find that the app Quizlet really helps when you learn new vocabulary for languages. Also, I personally think that getting index cards/revision cards will also be quite useful because you can right question and answers on them. Mind maps are also quite useful. It would also be beneficial if you also got some highlighter pens and literally highlight everything that you find useful or hard to remember. 

Hope that helps. 

Answered Mon 15th February, 2016 @ 18:26 by victoria2014
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When I did my GCSE's last year I found that doing past papers helped a lot! Good luck with your exams I'm sure you'll do great! x

Answered Tue 15th March, 2016 @ 20:12 by catherine99