What is the best way to revise and retain maths.... :/

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I'm currently doing maths AS and really struggling badly with it...

I just dont know what the best way for me to revise maths is... i've tried posters, practise questions and tutorials but nothing seems to be helping.... :( 

i can do the work in class but when i get home or into an exam situation i just can't remember what to do... :( 

does anyone have any useful tips on how i can boost my grades and improve my revision technique please... :/

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. 

thanks.. **

Posted Sat 30th March, 2013 @ 10:56 by Muzz :P

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I know what you mean. Once the teacher explains things it all becomes crystal clear but when you're trying to do it by yourself it's a lot more difficult than you thought. I find revising maths with a friend helpful, because if you don't know what to do, the other person might, and you can learn quite easily from that. I'm doing GCSE Additional Maths and I know that a lot of the things on the paper are also in AS level Maths too. It took me a while to get used to the questions but our teacher has made us do papers over and over again to get the hang of it. I recommend that you do the same. Also, I assume you have a textbook so do as many questions as you can from each topic. Although it becomes extremely boring doing similar questions over and over again, it's almost guaranteed that you will remember it in the end. Remember to learn the formulas off by heart if you don't have a formula sheet in the exam. That's crucial, but practising questions will also help with remembering the formulas so there is nothing to worry about :) I hope I helped a little bit at least, and good luck in your exam! Keep working and you'll do great!

Answered Sun 31st March, 2013 @ 23:17 by Erin
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Hey, I'm doing AS maths as well, what exam board are you on?

I know you've said it doesn't help you, but I find the best way to revise is just to do loads and loads of questions. I bought myself the CGP maths revision guide for AQA and it's brilliant. It has questions after every couple of pages, practice and exam style, and it has past papers, with the answers to every single question at the back of the book. I recommend it if you're struggling. Also, just do loads of past papers and ask your teacher for help on anything you're stuck on. Also, talk to someone in your maths class, because they may be able to explain something that you don't understand differently from your teachers, and you may understand it that way. If you have any questions you're stuck on, put them on here and I'll help you if I can :D

Answered Wed 3rd April, 2013 @ 18:01 by Kate Westall
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