what is the best way to learn the speaking controlled assessments

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I really need help my exam is on thursday and i still cant learn my german. I also find it really hard to remeber when i go into the exam room. Can anyone please help me, my teacher can't help any more becasue of the controlled condtions.

Posted Mon 29th October, 2012 @ 17:41 by Hannah Carter

1 Answer

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I know it's a bit late but if you have another one coming up, here's some tips:

Try recording your paragraphs by saying them, and then listening to them.

Try just practising writing them out-writing them out helps you remember them better than just reading it.

And next time, learn it all in advance-I learnt a paragraph every few days which means that I actually got to go to bed early the night before, because I hadn't left it until the last minute like I did in year 10.

Answered Sat 29th December, 2012 @ 00:56 by EstherTheBunny