what is the best place to do work experience in?

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This year my school hasn't provided us with work experience so i have to do all that myself. so guys can u pleasee tell me where would be a good place to go. ohh nd i wana get into medical.


Posted: 26-06-12 17:59 by simran

Pharmacy! Gp! Hospital..... errmmmm if yueee knoww sumonee who owns a pharmacy its best tuu go there cuz deyy probz trust yuee moree and yue will learn loads otherise yull just sweep tha floor and file stuff! :)

Posted: 26-06-12 18:00 by в

ohh that's not going to got me any experience. is it!

Posted: 26-06-12 18:04 by simran

Lool yuee nevaah knowww!

Posted: 26-06-12 19:10 by в

Or do you?????


Posted: 26-06-12 19:11 by Leah

Try your local hospital's website see if they offer work experience. If they do they will probably tell you what action needs to be taken

Posted: 27-06-12 10:20 by Katie

okay i will try that thankx :)

Posted: 27-06-12 11:14 by simran

hmmm simran thats a gud question and you want to do medicine!! well there are two options i can see, there is some experience in the hospital or wot i did was experience in the pharamacy!! then if u choose a pharmacy, all u have to do is make them really like u and then they will think of giving u a job there!! then u have direct contact with medicine ====> e.g. like me XD xxxx

Posted: 27-06-12 17:10 by Braniac