What is mediation?

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I'm targeting towards an A in my exam and I was wondering when your talking about representation my teacher has told me to mention mediation when talking about stereotypes and representations. Would anybody tell me how to put it into context with say the Homer Simpson male buffoon representation?


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Posted Tue 10th April, 2012 @ 15:49 by sib663

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Homer Simpson is a caricature and is an exaggerated representation of the average american man. So Matt Groening using Homer as part of the main cast, people watching outside the US (because the simpsons is a global show) will 'take on' the creator of the texts ideas and see americans as beer drinking, doh-ing, obese buffons (which is ur sterotype). Americans watching the show who live in larger cities like New York will have the same view as people outside the US in the sense that they will think that small city folk are obese etc. Audiences who live in towns like Springfield will see the character as a a caricature and won't take the creator of the texts view. Using homer as a representation of american 'family' men is used as a vehicle for comedy towards american society so mediation is important here because Groening wants the audience to take on his point of view so they will find it funny.

TBH: everyone will do the simpsons in their exam so i would stay away. The problem is it's an american media text and the exam board is part of the UK so british examples are probs better most of the case studies in the revision book are from the UK and it only briefly mentions american texts. If your on WJEC their budget will probs be dismal seen as though we're in a recession and it will be a british text cause its cheaper. So don't rely too much on the simpsons.

Sources: Targeting an A aswell

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