What is meant by the terms soul-deciding theodicy for St.Augustine and soul-making for Irenaeus?

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Posted Thu 22nd December, 2011 @ 16:19 by emma

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Soul-deciding is the idea that humans have the choice to turn back to God, through the salvation of Jesus.

Humans were created perfect, humans have free will, humans used their free will to turn away from god (the Fall) and so God gave us the chance of reconciliation with God, though repentence and salvation through Jesus. If we choose to turn to God, we will be going to Heaven, but if we choose not to then we will go to Hell.


Soul-making is the development of the soul, because humans were not made perfect.Humans were made in the form of God, but not the content. So we are making are own decisions to develop into prefection and can make our souls up to the content of God.  And we have eternity in the after-life to continue to develop to perfection.

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That's not correct. "Soul-deciding" is St Augustine's belief that God foresees all the decisions each soul will make in advance, before even creating them, and pre-destines every soul to go to heaven or to hell. It's the opposite of Irenaeus' view that humans work out their own salvation through their struggles and suffrering, with nobody going to hell in the end

Answered Sun 11th December, 2016 @ 13:21 by deadmarlowe