What is better to take into an examination?

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Well I'm confused on what to take into an exam? An apple or a banana? Any suggestions :)

Posted: 15-05-12 11:57 by brad parratt

Neither! You can't eat in exams... duuuh.

Posted: 15-05-12 11:58 by Chelsea

Weelll I know that...duuhhhhh....I'm not exactly stupid am I????

Posted: 15-05-12 11:59 by brad parratt

a bananna :D

I was always told that banannas are 'brain food' cos of all the potassium they have :D

Posted: 15-05-12 12:00 by Fyzah :p

ooooooooh u gt tld

Posted: 15-05-12 12:00 by aliimz

yep.... by a teacher :P

Posted: 15-05-12 12:01 by Fyzah :p

My psychology teaher told us to take in a bottle of water (without the label on) and some hard boiled sweets (again out of the wrapper) and place thenm on your desk to **** on during the exam.

Posted: 17-05-12 15:11 by Ellen Donaghy

If you take a banana, you can hide notes inside the skin, then open it in the exam, and voila! ;)

Posted: 17-05-12 15:19 by Hummi C

Haaa haha lol

Posted: 03-01-13 17:39 by Bushra

wow, are you allowed to take sweets into an exam? i never knew that!!

Posted: 03-01-13 18:31 by Re-Re