what is a variable?

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can someone explain to me what a variable is in terms of spreadsheets, a example would be useful also. thanks

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"A variable is something which holds a value and that value can change"

This can be a two cells in a spreadsheet which the values of can be changed, this makes them variable. The variables may lead to a change in the value of a referenced cell. 

Cells A1 and A2 contain the values 10 and 20

A3 contains the addition of these values, 30. The formula in A3 therefore is: =A1+A2.

Cells A1 and A2 could contain different values such as 20 and 45

A3 (=A1+A2) therfore is 65. Cell A3 is effected by the variables.

Check out this website: http://www.teach-ict.com/as_a2_ict_new/ocr/AS_G061/314_spreadsheet_concepts/variables_rules/miniweb/pg2.htm

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thanks :)

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