what is a suitable essay plan for an inspector calls, on the inspector goole?

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how is the inspector important to the play as a whole?

Posted Sun 20th May, 2012 @ 11:38 by Sally Wareing

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Write a general introduction on how the inspector is used in the play ( To show the Birlings and Gerald that they need to accept social responsability )

MAKE SURE you write about his final speech, and how it is used to voice Preistley's own opinions and socialist views as well as being used to blow up the idea that "every man should look after himself and his own" 

i would also write about how the inspector portrays the poor through eva smith as being very decent and moral, by the way in which he talks about her. This is one of the inspectors functions in the play.

All of the PEE paragraphs you write for this essay will probably contain most of what is in the introduction so try not to give too much away straight away. 

I am not too sure what other parts of the play i would write about, but in the conclusion summarize everything you have said about the inspector. 

Hope this helpps, + good luck if you are taking the exam on Tuesdayy:D

Answered Sun 20th May, 2012 @ 12:37 by Alice_Hone
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The Inspector is a very moral figure in the play. He represents the 
completely opposite view of Mr Birling that people should only look 
after themselves. Through his probing and questioning the Inspector 
allows the characters to reveal themselves, he controls the movement 
of the play and as Sheila says “somehow he makes you” reveal what you 
are thinking. He uses his physically presence, which is described as 
“an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness” to break 
down the resistance of the characters. 

In a sense, the Inspector is a symbolic figure and mouthpiece for 
Priestley’s socialism. The author wanted to show that in society we 
must be responsible for one another and recognise that our actions can 
have an impact on others. However, although the Inspector can help us 
to see our responsibilities, we must want to change our behaviour, so 
hw points out that we all have a personal responsibility. 

Answered Sun 20th May, 2012 @ 12:40 by anonymous