What is a good way of learning pronounciation for GCSE speaking??

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I just can't seem to get my version of saying the words out of my head.

Posted Fri 13th September, 2013 @ 09:35 by Darlene

2 Answers

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Listen to sound clips of the correct pronunciations a lot. Also, writing out your speaker phonetically, then reading it out helps a lot. Additionally, get a friend also learning th elanguage to test and correct you.

Answered Tue 1st October, 2013 @ 17:54 by Hoosierette
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First of all, practise, practise, practise. I'm sure you are anyway, but stick at it. A good idea might also be to write the word out how it is spelt, then how it should be pronounced directly below, and practise reading the words aloud until you get it right. Perhaps get a friend to say the words, correctly pronounced, so you can repeat them back. Hope this helps!

Answered Mon 23rd September, 2013 @ 22:10 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR