What has everyone found to be their best revision techniques for government and politics?

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I got a E grade in my January module as a result of inefficient revision so it would be really nice if someone could give me some tips :)

Posted Wed 4th April, 2012 @ 19:26 by CathyCat

2 Answers

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I find that you should do some revision for 1 hour, and 1 hour only otherwise if you try to stay on one topic for more than that you tend to lose interest and get more tired therefore affecting the knowledge you are receiving, therefore you should keep changing your topics and taking breaks. Do it like a school day. If you are revising make notes as well, just pick out key things you are going to need to remember and note them down- then read them the day after, psychologically speaking you tend to remember the content for more longer and you constantly remind yourself of what you've learnt. Never give up and think you can't do it- because that is the one thing that can guarantee your failure. Also if you are competitive, why don't you try secretly competing with one of your friends, this will derive you to achieve well. Sorry for it being too long. 

Answered Wed 4th April, 2012 @ 19:46 by Bhavi Revia
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Thanks I will try this... it sounds like a good way to revise Politics :) 

Answered Wed 4th April, 2012 @ 20:24 by CathyCat