What good phrases can I use for my French oral about my future after school

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French igcse help required asap if possible. For my year ten pre mock oral exam.

Posted Sat 30th March, 2013 @ 23:02 by fazza

6 Answers

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voulez-vous aller somehwere plus privé? J'ai quelques choses à l'esprit ...

Answered Fri 26th April, 2013 @ 10:06 by Jake Blaze
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it means i want to go to a private university

Answered Fri 26th April, 2013 @ 10:07 by Jake Blaze
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je mappelle **** means i like ********* my bum in french

Answered Fri 24th May, 2013 @ 10:34 by edl ftw
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You could use the conditional tense to say what you would/could do you could also use the future tense in a number of ways like this (e.g. je serai or je voudrai). J'espere is also a good phrase as well as quand j'ai fini mes etudes.. or something along those lines. Hope I helped :)

Answered Sun 31st March, 2013 @ 19:42 by Turquoise lemon
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"je voudrais..."

"quand j'ai 20 ans?..."

"l'ete prochaine..."

"le semaine prochaine..."

"en aout..."

"en 2014..."

Answered Fri 5th April, 2013 @ 12:18 by Sophie Thomas
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j'espere passe mes examens. apres, je voudrais aller l'univesite pour continuer les estudes.

i hope to pass my exams, after i would like to go to university to continue studying

Answered Mon 8th April, 2013 @ 15:31 by Marianne Shields