What flowers do you have at the institute?

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Tell me, do you have flowers in the room at the institute? If there are which? I work in the library. I like the flowers very much. But I don't know how much flowers will be able to adapt to the library environment?

Posted: 07-10-19 20:03 by molliny

It all depends on the amount of light in the room and the level of humidity. Where the books are wet, the humidity won't be great. Pick up the flowers less whimsical. For example, it can be a dracena. You can buy large flower pots https://getpotted.com/planters/large/ and plant flowers in them. Your interior will change and be filled with a beautiful atmosphere

Posted: 22-10-19 18:47 by sereb

we have no flowers

Posted: 01-01-20 06:39 by rorita