What does the character Candy in of mice and men represent in America 1930s?

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lonliness, friendship etc.

Posted: 10-05-12 21:37 by Demmm.

Candy represents the typical life of a farm worker till the end. He symbolises how each of the ranch workers are going to end up, it is their destiny because there's no way out. Although he hopes for the dream to come true eventually even that is destroyed so ultimately his destiny like everyone else's in America is to die on a farm with no property having accomplished nothing. 

Posted: 21-05-12 14:08 by Nawal

Steinbeck has represented Candy as a loyal man, he has worked on the ranch most of his life and when Lennie and George arrive and talk about the 'American Dream' he suddenly wants to join because he knows that if he stays on the ranch then he will just end up like his dog. He know's that if he hopes for the Dream then he will get it eventually, but the Dream doesn't succeed so he know's that he will die being lonely and will have accomplished nothing.  

Posted: 21-05-12 19:13 by Jordana Griffiths