What do you think had the greatest impact on causing the rise of hitler?

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There are different reasons why hitler rose to power but some historians believe it could have been prevented. What do you think led to hitler taking control and do you think it was inevitable or could it have been prevented?

Posted Sun 10th February, 2013 @ 15:25 by Flaka Prekazi

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The Nazis werent always popular with the Germans, and it was as you said the Wall Street Crash that really influenced them in going for a more extreme group. They felt that the Weimar Republic (although the work done by Stresseman previously did help the economy) it was not to the extent that was widely needed. Once the Wall Street Crash happened millions of jobs were lost and the money that people had previously been saving up turned worthless. People pulled heartstrings and played to the crowd - the Nazis encouraged more and more people to support them by hating the Jews and the Weimar Republic - because it was 'clearly' their fault.

It may have been preventable had the allies not forced such huge reparations on the stuggling country, however, the result were inevitable. When times are hard the general people usually turn to extremists right/left wing groups. BY 1932 for example Hitler had recieved 11 million votes in comparison to Hindenburgs 15 million.

(i know this because i am doing this topic at the mo) x

Answered Tue 12th February, 2013 @ 09:48 by Hannah
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The depression in Germany following the first world war would have been one of the reasons. People were short of money, from war costs and having to pay compensation to countries, and there was much poverty, and Hitler with his Nazi party were telling the the people there was a way in which they could get more money. The people liked what they  heard and listened, resulting in putting Hitler into parliament. I think anyone would have chosen to believe at that stage, and I don't think many members of the public could have predicted Hitler becoming Chancellor would have resulted in a second world war and the annihilation of a race, so I beleive it would have happened at some point.

Answered Mon 11th February, 2013 @ 18:28 by Maisie
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Oh okay, thank you, I thougt it was something to do with it because during the time of the wall street crash, Hitler's party gained support and attention, I just wanted to know if his rise was inevitable, I guess if the German government had maintained its strength, Hitler wouldn't have rose.

Answered Mon 11th February, 2013 @ 20:15 by Flaka Prekazi