What do you think about Kindles?

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This time last year I absolutely hated them but now I have my own and I love it. I got all of Charles Dickens' work for 99p and it is great for all the classics. It's really easy to read in bed too. However, I know it's destroying book shops and the whole publishing industry - which is rather worrying for me as I want to be an author. Yet I can't stop myself loving mine - what does everyone think?

Posted: 30-12-12 19:16 by Sunset

I don't have one, but my sister does and I think they're great. They are so much easier to carry around, and it saves space when packing for holiday. You shouldn't worry about it affecting authors - they still get money from people buying the digital editions, and real books probably won't die out within our lifetimes. 

Posted: 31-12-12 16:02 by Former Member

I have one and it's great for travelling. I read really quickly so it save a lot of space that would otherwise be full  of books. I have the complete Sherlock Holmes and Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy as well as lots of others and Amazon do free books for them as well.

I don't think they'll ever destroy book shops- Kindles are good, but its much more satisfing to hold the book.

I also want to be an author! (As well as farming)

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Posted: 01-01-13 13:40 by KatieL

Yes, I use it for travelling to save space, and I have to say that I always buy my favourite books as books. The best thing for me is how easy it is to buy a book - I can download in 30 seconds when I read about one in a magazine or forum.

By the way I think the pigs on you picture are really cute :)

Posted: 01-01-13 18:40 by Sunset

Thanks! I'm helping raise them on a farm near by in Hadlow Down. They're called Ethel Dora Colin and Bob. (my brother and sister named them)

Posted: 02-01-13 15:54 by KatieL

They are really cute names! But Dora makes me think Dora the Explorer which made me laugh ( but then again I once named a lamb on a farm near me wooly jumper!)

Posted: 02-01-13 16:35 by Sunset