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Hi, i just wanted to ask whether you think you think that you would of done EXACTLY what Romeo and Juliet done if you were in their position, so would you just decide to marry each other after falling in love within two or a few days ?, because i personally think its bizarre !

Posted: 16-02-10 20:36 by Shiny


Its true...its bizarre and stupid of them. They've only met once and they fell in love. So, if anyone asks you out whilst you are in a balcony; does it mean you are bound to marry them in two days time? No... well, maybe thats what people did in time of shakespeare...fell in love...asked them out (whilst they were in a balcony)...proposed them...got married...when parents said No...they just decide to suicide!!!

Anyway, being a girl; i personally wouldn't get married in just two days because now that everything is changing...i will not be sure what kind of guy he would be. So, i would let it flow for at least three months and then probably accept. You can never be sure as to what type of person someone is. Therefore, keep my trust on people a bit low. You need to know someone way better than anyone else before you get married.

I hope my answer helps!!!


Posted: 19-02-10 13:28 by Pinkypops

No way! I think what they did was strange, and rushed.
Getting into something that quickly is bizzare.
But is it because Romeo's heart is broken? Did he want a distraction from Rosaline?

Posted: 14-03-10 07:08 by Meg

well, i agree wit pinkypops and wit meg in a way, cos i suppose Romeo's heart was broken after the whole Rosaline thing, but i personally just find it VERY rushed !

Posted: 21-04-10 17:42 by Shiny