What do you know about coronavirus?

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What do you know about coronavirus? Should we be afraid of him?

Posted: 01-02-20 07:31 by arriva

I heard that despite the data on the rapid spread of the new Chinese coronavirus, some doctors say that the strength and danger of infection are exaggerated, measles and flu are much more dangerous.

Posted: 01-02-20 13:35 by frayn

I know that the outbreak began in China. The first cases were related to the seafood market. And more and more countries are closing their borders to arrivals from China to prevent the rapid spread of the new 2019-nCov coronavirus.

Posted: 02-02-20 06:33 by kventin

this virus needs to be feared. it’s not yet clear what kind of consequences it may be after it

Posted: 03-02-20 08:26 by klemma

It seems to me that recently this is the most popular topic in the whole world. By the way, yesterday I heard that even more people got infected with this virus and, like many other people, got scared. I began to search for information about this on the Internet and found an article by Wuhan Coronavirus Map and learned a lot of interesting information, including how coronavirus is transmitted and how to protect yourself from coronavirus

Posted: 04-02-20 07:46 by rorita


Posted: 06-02-20 08:45 by Marcia1412

coronavirus is a dangerous virus. The doctor who first made such a diagnosis has already died. I'm afraid.

Posted: 08-02-20 12:05 by sereb

Now it is important not to panic and observe the rules of hygiene

Posted: 12-03-20 12:47 by irmana

For me it was terrible news about coronavirus. I didn't think the tragedy would be on such a large scale. I watch the news online from different countries. I have a set-top box for tv stb box .  With the help of stb box I watch TV online in excellent quality from different countries

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Posted: 13-03-20 19:56 by arnikka

no need to panic! I am sure that this is not dangerous for a person’s life. don't worry and use a coronavirus card. https://lockdownstatus.info/ there you will find a lot of interesting and useful information about the pandemic. this site is developing rapidly and new features are being added there

Posted: 14-05-20 17:46 by Simon3321

This coronavirus ruined all plans for 2020. I planned to go on vacation to Turkey, and now unfortunately I will have to stay at home.

Posted: 28-05-20 08:06 by LaryWepola