What do the different analysis techniques do? (GCSE)

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What are the function of the different analysis techniques? What are they used for?

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Posted Wed 23rd May, 2012 @ 14:27 by Emma Jay

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Flame tests are used for metal ions in group 1 and 2

+ NaOH is for other metal ions

+ NaOH for ammonium ions

+ Acid for carbonates

+ AgNO3 for halides

+ BaCl for sulphates

+ NaOH for nitrates

Elements can be detected by 

* Atomic line spectroscopy
Mass spectroscopy

Compounds can be detected by
Infrared spectroscopy (identifys bonds)
* Ultraviolet spectroscopy (for nitrate and phosphorus ions in water)
* Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (detects organic molecules)
* Gas/liquid chromoatography
* Mass spectroscopy

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