What Do Most People Find Hard About H&S Care?

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There is always something that someone finds hard about a subject, so enter what you find hard about it and we can help each other (omg how cheasy does that sound lol :P) x

So come on, join in!

Posted: 11-01-09 17:41 by Shanzii


theres nothing hard about it

i have jus completed this course a few months ago and i gt distinction

Posted: 20-01-09 20:01 by miss_khan

U got Distincation :0

Posted: 17-01-11 18:13 by Payal

the hardest thing about health and social care is that i try to stay awake during the lesson.

Posted: 24-02-11 15:52 by Aishah Iqbal

disticntion is for the Btec one, the alevel one is harder... unit 1 particularly, just remembering key words and the discriptions

Posted: 15-03-11 12:53 by Jess

I've found unit 7 so much worse than I found unit 1 last year.

I think the hardest bit for me is doing 2 or more bits of coursework at once(although there are only 2 bits, I was re-taking both from last year as well untill the end of december and it was a nightmare!!!)


Posted: 16-03-11 22:22 by Helen

Trying to revise for it.

It's so boring at times.

Posted: 22-04-11 22:02 by Jamie

Revision for the subject is hard because it is so hard to know how to revise for it. I particularly find rememebering legislations hard, but for this exam I have made little cards with each point on about the legislations on and I have to match the point to the legislation. A bit 'primary schoolish' I know, but so far its seemed quite helpful!

Posted: 04-05-11 17:58 by Sal

The most difficult area I feel is the parts about service provision, such as the funding part for unit 7 for A2 health and social care. Also, for unit 12, which is understanding human behaviour, remembering theorists and which approaches or theory they studied.

Posted: 07-05-11 18:21 by Nikki Dearn

Coursework deadlines D: what a nightmare!

Posted: 08-05-11 22:14 by Nicola

Aishah Iqbal wrote:

the hardest thing about health and social care is that i try to stay awake during the lesson.


Posted: 15-06-11 14:39 by ashleigh

if in year 10-11 there will be 2 coursework and 2 exam which I passed with good grades :D

it depend on teacher as well; weling to teach some crazy students :P just a joke.

after going in year 12 and doin leveal 2 course then yes it is hard keeping up with deadlin tht to for two corse work too give at the same time to differnt teachers.......   level 2 only course worker no exam

and level 3 i think there are 12 units and course worker and exam  

Posted: 28-10-11 19:30 by Payal

getting everything completed for the cousework deadlines

Posted: 29-11-11 17:44 by Katie

hi im ann im in year 8 and in 3 weeks im going to hand in my options and im doing h&s care and i think its going to be hard  but all my friends say its easy as can be but i think they might just be saying that is it true or is it really hard not only that i hope i get in thats another thing is child development the same or is that all different ??

Posted: 26-05-13 10:33 by ann