What do I need to write about when asked about mood and tension? Bearing in mind my exam's tomorrow I'd love your help! I need to know what is mood and atmosphere and what isn't..

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For my english literature exam TOMORROW I've got a feeling there'll be a question on mood and atmosphere. 
I have NO idea what to look for when answering questions like "how does the author create mood and atmosphere here"

I just don't  understand what it classed as 'creating mood and atmosphere' 



Posted Mon 23rd May, 2011 @ 17:17 by Chloe

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mood and atmosphere, all you have to do is look at the characters and their action, e.g if someone is happy/triumphant, this shows they are in a happy mood. for the atmosphere, just figure out what the audience would feel at that particular moment for example the characters might be figuring something out this could be a tense atmosphere :) hope this helps

Answered Mon 23rd May, 2011 @ 17:54 by Krishan Mistry
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If you are asked about mood and tension, you could use the emotions of the charaters and language devices (metaphores etc..) these will also pick up marks because you should use language devices throughout your answer, I hope I've helped, I've got the literature exam tomorrow too, anyway good luck!:D

Answered Mon 23rd May, 2011 @ 17:49 by Spongebob:)
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I mean like, in novels & extracts, I'm asked to like, look at the extract on the opposite page, how does the author create mood and atmosphere here?
I don't know if I'm looking at text, how the characters behave. What am I looking at?! 

Answered Mon 23rd May, 2011 @ 17:31 by Chloe
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I need help on this too, atm i think it just means how the writer presents the characters and what mood they create in the extract via their actions and dialogue :/

Answered Mon 23rd May, 2011 @ 17:39 by Star Pupils Tuition
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You were right it was a mood and atmosphere question :D

Answered Tue 24th May, 2011 @ 17:06 by Star Pupils Tuition
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Remember - When writing about mood and atmosphere, track the changes - you need to say what its like at the beggining, middle and end and how and why it changes - good luck :D

Answered Tue 24th May, 2011 @ 17:54 by lbennetts
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I was NOT prepared for the mood and atmosphere question, the extract wasn't particulary useful either... D:

Answered Wed 25th May, 2011 @ 11:39 by Shannon
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It would mean like if your talking about poems like catrin? where tension has built up throughout the poem of the struggle between the parent child relationship? This would then lead to atmosphere between them? 

Answered Mon 23rd May, 2011 @ 17:23 by Serena