What do I need to do to get a B in english literature?

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I have struggles knowing what they want and mainly how to answer the question. Could anyone help me or send me a link to a good website? everything I need to do to get a B

Posted Wed 30th April, 2014 @ 17:19 by sophie333

2 Answers

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I really recommend https://www.youtube.com/user/freeeschool/playlists , it was really helpful for me. Also, do past papers and read examiner reports and look at the mark scheme so you can get good time management. See which questions already came up, and think about what could come up for this year. Also, brainstorms were helpful for me at the time.

Good luck! :)

Answered Wed 30th April, 2014 @ 21:52 by Shanahey
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youtube tutorials are my favourite,thank you this is really helping!

Answered Thu 1st May, 2014 @ 18:32 by sophie333